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916,458  Convert pandas dataframe to NumPy array
907,971  How do I create an empty array/matrix in NumPy?
834,187  ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence
764,460  Numpy array dimensions
737,375  How can the Euclidean distance be calculated with NumPy?
728,619  Creating a Pandas DataFrame from a Numpy array: How do I specify the index column and column headers?
719,611  Combine two columns of text in dataframe in pandas/python
711,331  Import Error: No module named numpy
703,385  How to access the ith column of a NumPy multidimensional array?
691,681  How do I read CSV data into a record array in NumPy?
635,957  Dump a NumPy array into a csv file
612,788  Is there a NumPy function to return the first index of something in an array?
608,259  Append a NumPy array to a NumPy array
604,915  ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all()
603,024  List to array conversion to use ravel() function
544,180  How to print the full NumPy array, without truncation?
535,833  How to normalize an array in NumPy?
508,823  How to count the occurrence of certain item in an ndarray in Python?
506,146  Saving a Numpy array as an image
496,877  How do I find the length (or dimensions, size) of a numpy matrix in python? [duplicate]
458,233  pandas create new column based on values from other columns / apply a function of multiple columns, row-wise
455,914  python numpy ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes
450,515  How to take column-slices of dataframe in pandas
440,631  How to remove specific elements in a numpy array
436,175  How to add an extra column to a NumPy array
434,302  initialize a numpy array
419,516  Convert Columns to String in Pandas
414,998  numpy matrix vector multiplication [duplicate]
413,546  Converting NumPy array into Python List structure?
405,359  Numpy - add row to array
399,997  How do I convert a numpy array to (and display) an image?
395,948  Pandas conditional creation of a series/dataframe column
394,591  Most efficient way to map function over numpy array
393,657  How to convert a PIL Image into a numpy array?
391,463  Converting between datetime, Timestamp and datetime64
378,997  Most efficient way to reverse a numpy array
364,921  How to pretty-print a numpy.array without scientific notation and with given precision?
364,763  Transposing a NumPy array
359,068  How do I get indices of N maximum values in a NumPy array?
357,294  Calculating Pearson correlation and significance in Python
351,383  How to convert 2D float numpy array to 2D int numpy array?
351,064  Removing nan values from an array
349,708  How do I check which version of NumPy I'm using?
345,587  Replace all elements of Python NumPy Array that are greater than some value
336,184  Installing Numpy on 64bit Windows 7 with Python 2.7.3 [closed]
332,790  Comparing two NumPy arrays for equality, element-wise
328,700  Moving average or running mean
328,486  How to install numpy on windows using pip install?
321,643  Python: find position of element in array
319,096  What does .shape[] do in ''for i in range(Y.shape[0])''?
317,041  How can I convert a tensor into a numpy array in TensorFlow?
303,019  How do I compute derivative using Numpy?
301,643  Plotting a 2D heatmap with Matplotlib
294,114  Sorting arrays in NumPy by column
293,894  NumPy array initialization (fill with identical values)
293,416  how to convert an RGB image to numpy array?
293,372  Concatenating two one-dimensional NumPy arrays
291,212  How do you get the magnitude of a vector in Numpy?
280,097  How to convert an array of strings to an array of floats in numpy?
275,374  matplotlib: Set markers for individual points on a line
272,048  How to save a list as numpy array in python?
271,935  Pandas read_csv low_memory and dtype options
269,278  Find nearest value in numpy array
269,212  From ND to 1D arrays
268,955  What does numpy.random.seed(0) do?
267,538  'list' object has no attribute 'shape'
266,944  numpy: most efficient frequency counts for unique values in an array
266,056  Use a.any() or a.all()
263,929  What does -1 mean in numpy reshape?
263,708  How to import NumPy in the Python shell
262,799  How do I calculate percentiles with python/numpy?
259,922  Plotting a Fast Fourier Transform in Python
258,377  How to write a multidimensional array to a text file?
257,229  ImportError: numpy.core.multiarray failed to import
252,748  numpy array TypeError: only integer scalar arrays can be converted to a scalar index
250,853  Extracting specific columns in numpy array
249,574  How to normalize a NumPy array to within a certain range?
247,927  Convert a 1D array to a 2D array in numpy
247,210  Add single element to array in numpy
245,138  Windows Scipy Install: No Lapack/Blas Resources Found
243,780  Take multiple lists into dataframe
235,882  how does multiplication differ for NumPy Matrix vs Array classes?
232,588  Numpy matrix to array
232,066  A tool to convert MATLAB code to Python [closed]
229,972  How to smooth a curve in the right way?
228,762  How to get correlation of two vectors in python [duplicate]
228,742  Installing SciPy and NumPy using pip
228,068  dropping infinite values from dataframes in pandas?
227,110  How to do exponential and logarithmic curve fitting in Python? I found only polynomial fitting
226,245  ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found
226,042  Normalize data in pandas
224,916  Numpy where function multiple conditions
223,187  deleting rows in numpy array
221,858  How to install python modules without root access?
221,443  Linear regression with matplotlib / numpy
221,002  surface plots in matplotlib
220,764  How to add a new row to an empty numpy array
220,421  Index of element in NumPy array
219,645  NumPy array is not JSON serializable
219,502  What does axis in pandas mean?
218,526  NumPy first and last element from array
217,909  How can I prevent the TypeError: list indices must be integers, not tuple when copying a python list to a numpy array?
216,771  List of lists into numpy array
215,570  Find indices of elements equal to zero in a NumPy array
215,510  Simple Digit Recognition OCR in OpenCV-Python
214,811  How to implement the Softmax function in Python
213,292  How do you do natural logs (e.g. ''ln()'') with numpy in Python?
211,136  How to add items into a numpy array
210,734  Python OpenCV2 (cv2) wrapper to get image size?
209,929  How to count the number of true elements in a NumPy bool array
208,035  How does numpy.histogram() work?
203,457  Convert Select Columns in Pandas Dataframe to Numpy Array
202,631  How to add column to numpy array
202,550  Converting numpy dtypes to native python types
201,267  How to get the index of a maximum element in a numpy array along one axis
201,023  find a minimum value in an array of floats
200,245  Create numpy matrix filled with NaNs
198,348  Inverse of a matrix using numpy
197,416  How do I select elements of an array given condition?
196,920  How can I check whether a numpy array is empty or not?
196,920  Concatenate two NumPy arrays vertically
196,412  ImportError in importing from sklearn: cannot import name check_build
195,216  Slicing of a NumPy 2d array, or how do I extract an mxm submatrix from an nxn array (n>m)?
194,967  convert nan value to zero
193,691  numpy division with RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in double_scalars
190,137  Pandas: convert dtype 'object' to int
190,124  How to create a numpy array of all True or all False?
189,446  How to get element-wise matrix multiplication (Hadamard product) in numpy?
186,859  How do I calculate r-squared using Python and Numpy?
186,676  TypeError: unhashable type: 'numpy.ndarray'
186,069  Finding local maxima/minima with Numpy in a 1D numpy array
183,143  How to convert a NumPy array to PIL image applying matplotlib colormap
181,820  How does python numpy.where() work?
178,134  ValueError: could not broadcast input array from shape (224,224,3) into shape (224,224)
176,550  Matplotlib: ValueError: x and y must have same first dimension
175,892  Iterating over a numpy array
174,741  Convert array of indices to 1-hot encoded numpy array
174,259  What are the advantages of NumPy over regular Python lists?
174,225  Multiple linear regression in Python
173,268  numpy.where() detailed, step-by-step explanation / examples [closed]
170,235  'invalid value encountered in double_scalars' warning, possibly numpy
169,882  How to calculate moving average using NumPy?
169,690  load csv into 2D matrix with numpy for plotting
168,219  Numpy ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence. This message may appear without the existing of a sequence?
167,830  Working with TIFFs (import, export) in Python using numpy
167,049  How to save and load numpy.array() data properly?
165,640  How to create a density plot in matplotlib?
164,214  How to delete columns in numpy.array
163,586  How can I remove Nan from list Python/NumPy
163,428  Find p-value (significance) in scikit-learn LinearRegression
163,272  Is it possible to use argsort in descending order?
162,920  Compute a confidence interval from sample data
162,277  Get index of a row of a pandas dataframe as an integer
161,988  python numpy/scipy curve fitting
160,921  How can I use numpy.correlate to do autocorrelation?
158,857  How to split/partition a dataset into training and test datasets for, e.g., cross validation?
158,718  Counting unique values in a column in pandas dataframe like in Qlik?
157,971  How can I upgrade NumPy?
157,515  Convert numpy array to tuple
156,042  Efficiently sorting a numpy array in descending order?
155,768  Can't import Numpy in Python
155,415  Histogram Matplotlib
154,408  binning data in python with scipy/numpy
153,872  why numpy.ndarray is object is not callable in my simple for python loop
152,329  How to calculate the sum of all columns of a 2D numpy array (efficiently)
151,945  Error: Microsoft Visual C++ 10.0 is required (Unable to find vcvarsall.bat) [duplicate]
151,584  Python - AttributeError: 'numpy.ndarray' object has no attribute 'append'
151,235  What is the purpose of meshgrid in Python / NumPy?
150,659  Efficiently checking if arbitrary object is NaN in Python / numpy / pandas?
150,641  Pandas Split Dataframe into two Dataframes
150,536  Should I use scipy.pi, numpy.pi, or math.pi?
149,377  Add numpy array as column to Pandas data frame
149,037  Install numpy on python3.3 - Install pip for python3
148,649  Python ''TypeError: unhashable type: 'slice''' for encoding categorical data
148,468  only integers, slices (`:`), ellipsis (` ... `), numpy.newaxis (`None`) and integer or boolean arrays are valid indices
147,991  How to overplot a line on a scatter plot in python?
147,801  Index all *except* one item in python
147,563  Close pre-existing figures in matplotlib when running from eclipse
146,224  numpy max vs amax vs maximum
145,932  Could not install packages due to a ''Environment error :[error 13]: permission denied : 'usr/local/bin/f2py'''
145,837  Python RuntimeWarning: overflow encountered in long scalars
145,425  TypeError: only length-1 arrays can be converted to Python scalars while plot showing
144,791  Find the most frequent number in a numpy vector
143,814  Python+OpenCV: cv2.imwrite
143,744  size of NumPy array
143,538  Mean Squared Error in Numpy?
142,382  figure of imshow() is too small
141,748  How does numpy.newaxis work and when to use it?
141,184  python how to pad numpy array with zeros
141,170  How to normalize a 2-dimensional numpy array in python less verbose?
140,809  How to convert a python numpy array to an RGB image with Opencv 2.4?
140,390  Numpy: Get random set of rows from 2D array
140,350  Converting list to numpy array
139,900  How to use python numpy.savetxt to write strings and float number to an ASCII file?
138,575  Array of arrays (Python/NumPy)
136,626  What are the differences between numpy arrays and matrices? Which one should I use?
136,543  How can I plot a histogram such that the heights of the bars sum to 1 in matplotlib?
135,762  gradient descent using python and numpy
135,338  RuntimeError: module compiled against API version a but this version of numpy is 9
135,291  data type not understood
134,927  python 2.7: cannot pip on windows ''bash: pip: command not found''
134,538  np.mean() vs np.average() in Python NumPy?
134,020  Numpy Resize/Rescale Image
134,005  Reshape an array in NumPy
133,763  python dict to numpy structured array
133,352  Selecting specific rows and columns from NumPy array
132,856  3-dimensional array in numpy
132,758  inverting image in Python with OpenCV
130,541  What is the most efficient way to check if a value exists in a NumPy array?
130,465  Most efficient way to find mode in numpy array
130,315  Numpy first occurrence of value greater than existing value
129,724  What's the simplest way to extend a numpy array in 2 dimensions?
129,405  Replacing Numpy elements if condition is met
128,114  Change values on matplotlib imshow() graph axis
127,124  How can I map True/False to 1/0 in a Pandas DataFrame?
126,888  How do I install SciPy on 64 bit Windows?
126,868  Difference between numpy.array shape (R, 1) and (R,)
126,530  Installing NumPy and SciPy on 64-bit Windows (with Pip)
126,518  Extract csv file specific columns to list in Python
126,346  How to multiply individual elements of a list with a number?
125,952  What are the differences between Pandas and NumPy+SciPy in Python? [closed]
125,876  Iterating over Numpy matrix rows to apply a function each?
125,875  Convert ndarray from float64 to integer
125,594  How to call an element in a numpy array?
124,253  how to convert 2d list to 2d numpy array?
123,432  In-place type conversion of a NumPy array
122,821  'numpy.float64' object is not iterable
121,882  Python: Differentiating between row and column vectors
120,886  How to plot data from multiple two column text files with legends in Matplotlib?
120,773  Colorplot of 2D array matplotlib
119,175  Split (explode) pandas dataframe string entry to separate rows
118,960  How to calculate cumulative normal distribution?
118,637  What is the difference between i = i + 1 and i += 1 in a 'for' loop? [duplicate]
117,732  Using numpy to build an array of all combinations of two arrays
116,794  Numpy: find index of the elements within range
116,700  Count all values in a matrix greater than a value
116,250  Fast check for NaN in NumPy
115,354  What exactly does numpy.exp() do? [closed]
115,292  Plotting power spectrum in python
114,706  Factorial in numpy and scipy
114,596  plot data from CSV file with matplotlib
114,383  Efficient evaluation of a function at every cell of a NumPy array
114,339  'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'sort'
114,027  How can I add new dimensions to a Numpy array?
113,422  Calculate mean across dimension in a 2D array
113,216  Python: slicing a multi-dimensional array
113,056  Initialise numpy array of unknown length
112,558  Shared-memory objects in multiprocessing
112,319  LogisticRegression: Unknown label type: 'continuous' using sklearn in python
110,474  TypeError: only integer scalar arrays can be converted to a scalar index with 1D numpy indices array
110,095  Better way to shuffle two numpy arrays in unison
109,876  Fitting empirical distribution to theoretical ones with Scipy (Python)?
109,830  ''Cloning'' row or column vectors
109,595  fitting data with numpy
109,539  Numpy isnan() fails on an array of floats (from pandas dataframe apply)
109,428  How to fix Python Numpy/Pandas installation?
109,309  How to convert list of numpy arrays into single numpy array?
108,349  Suppress Scientific Notation in Numpy When Creating Array From Nested List
106,756  How to convert a pandas DataFrame subset of columns AND rows into a numpy array?
106,657  How do I catch a numpy warning like it's an exception (not just for testing)?
106,607  Load text file as strings using numpy.loadtxt()
106,235  Numpy how to iterate over columns of array?
106,115  Efficient thresholding filter of an array with numpy
105,445  Plot Normal distribution with Matplotlib
105,067  A column-vector y was passed when a 1d array was expected
105,048  How to fix 'Object arrays cannot be loaded when allow_pickle=False' for imdb.load_data() function?
104,476  Fastest way to compute entropy in Python
103,166  Replacing Pandas or Numpy Nan with a None to use with MysqlDB
102,682  python numpy machine epsilon
102,445  ImportError: cannot import name NUMPY_MKL
102,064  Installing NumPy via Anaconda in Windows
101,898  Numpy AttributeError: 'float' object has no attribute 'exp'
101,694  subsampling every nth entry in a numpy array
101,585  PIL image to array (numpy array to array) - Python
101,347  What is the difference between Numpy's array() and asarray() functions?
101,226  Numpy converting array from float to strings
101,190  Numpy - Replace a number with NaN
100,877  Is there a numpy builtin to reject outliers from a list
100,829  python numpy vector math
 99,746  Generate random array of floats between a range
 99,078  Test if numpy array contains only zeros
 98,460  Python Pandas - Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] 1
 98,140  How to square or raise to a power (elementwise) a 2D numpy array?
 97,862  Input and output numpy arrays to h5py
 97,465  What is the easiest way to install BLAS and LAPACK for scipy?
 97,438  How to import cv2 in python3?
 97,054  How to identify numpy types in python?
 97,002  import an array in python
 96,871  No module named numpy
 96,760  How to transform numpy.matrix or array to scipy sparse matrix
 96,686  Difference between two numpy arrays in python
 96,666  How to create a numpy array of arbitrary length strings?
 96,473  Singular matrix issue with Numpy
 94,974  Principal component analysis in Python
 94,960  Elegant way to create empty pandas DataFrame with NaN of type float
 94,835  Fitting a Normal distribution to 1D data
 94,798  Unsuccessful append to an empty NumPy array
 94,283  Converting Numpy Array to OpenCV Array
 94,233  TensorFlow ValueError: Cannot feed value of shape (64, 64, 3) for Tensor u'Placeholder:0', which has shape '(?, 64, 64, 3)'
 93,790  How to use numpy.genfromtxt when first column is string and the remaining columns are numbers?
 93,395  Import numpy on pycharm
 93,205  How to implement the ReLU function in Numpy
 92,983  How to detect if numpy is installed
 92,493  TypeError: only integer scalar arrays can be converted to a scalar index
 92,417  What's the fastest way in Python to calculate cosine similarity given sparse matrix data?
 92,333  Specifying dtype float32 with pandas.read_csv on pandas 0.10.1
 91,765  Numpy `ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shape  ... `
 91,741  Very large matrices using Python and NumPy
 91,546  Find unique rows in numpy.array
 91,378  How to convert numpy arrays to standard TensorFlow format?
 91,325  Binning column with python pandas
 91,222  Converting two lists into a matrix
 91,059  Numpy: Creating a complex array from 2 real ones?
 91,003  How to import csv file as numpy.array in python? [duplicate]
 90,889  Unable to allocate array with shape and data type
 90,587  Detect if a NumPy array contains at least one non-numeric value?
 89,650  Computing cross-correlation function?
 89,612  Python memory usage of numpy arrays
 89,359  'and' (boolean) vs '&' (bitwise) - Why difference in behavior with lists vs numpy arrays?
 88,730  Normalize numpy array columns in python
 88,611  ValueError when checking if variable is None or numpy.array
 88,466  pylab.hist(data, normed=1). Normalization seems to work incorrect
 88,409  Why does corrcoef return a matrix?
 88,367  extracting days from a numpy.timedelta64 value
 88,311  best way to preserve numpy arrays on disk
 88,302  What is the difference between ndarray and array in numpy?
 88,258  numpy replace negative values in array
 88,249  Loading text file containing both float and string using numpy.loadtxt
 88,113  How to make scipy.interpolate give an extrapolated result beyond the input range?
 88,035  Calculating the area under a curve given a set of coordinates, without knowing the function
 87,972  Counting the number of non-NaN elements in a numpy ndarray in Python
 87,817  TypeError: Invalid dimensions for image data when plotting array with imshow()
 87,613  Saving numpy array to txt file row wise
 87,425  How to copy data from a numpy array to another
 87,317  Paritition array into N chunks with Numpy
 87,055  Extracting first n columns of a numpy matrix
 86,930  Python: How to get values of an array at certain index positions?
 86,721  How to get the indices list of all NaN value in numpy array?
 86,706  shuffling/permutating a DataFrame in pandas
 85,950  No display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable using tkinter through ssh [duplicate]
 85,732  How to solve a pair of nonlinear equations using Python?
 85,666  Pytorch reshape tensor dimension
 85,356  Pandas : compute mean or std (standard deviation) over entire dataframe
 85,228  NumPy ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all()
 84,380  Convert np.array of type float64 to type uint8 scaling values
 84,114  what does numpy ndarray shape do?
 83,837  RuntimeWarning: numpy.dtype size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility
 83,540  Numpy: find first index of value fast
 83,061  Calculating Covariance with Python and Numpy
 82,996  Formatting floats in a numpy array [duplicate]
 82,667  Why does the shape of a 1D array not show the number of rows as 1?
 82,666  Python-OpenCV cv2 OpenCV Error: Assertion failed (scn == 3 || scn == 4) in unknown function, file ..\..\..\modules\imgproc\src\color.cpp
 82,553  FutureWarning: elementwise comparison failed; returning scalar, but in the future will perform elementwise comparison
 82,223  Get array elements from index to end
 82,178  Shift elements in a numpy array
 82,139  What is dtype('O')?
 82,132  ValueError: object too deep for desired array while using convolution
 81,959  How do I plot list of tuples in Python?
 81,880  difference between numpy dot() and inner()
 81,873  ValueError: cannot reshape array of size 30470400 into shape (50,1104,104)
 81,812  Iterating through a multidimensional array in Python
 81,603  How to flatten only some dimensions of a numpy array
 81,376  Resampling a numpy array representing an image
 81,310  Numpy extract submatrix
 81,199  How to install matplotlib with Python3.2
 81,055  ValueError: numpy.dtype has the wrong size, try recompiling
 80,740  Get year, month or day from numpy datetime64
 80,459  Filtering a list based on a list of booleans
 80,374  How to plot vectors in python using matplotlib
 80,339  Plotting a decision boundary separating 2 classes using Matplotlib's pyplot
 80,269  Convert a numpy.ndarray to string(or bytes) and convert it back to numpy.ndarray
 80,267  Getting only particular columns in every row in a numpy array [duplicate]
 80,262  python - RGB matrix of an image
 80,186  how to extract frequency associated with fft values in python
 80,170  Convert list or numpy array of single element to float in python
 80,115  Generating a dense matrix from a sparse matrix in numpy python
 79,931  String concatenation of two pandas columns
 79,740  Importing PNG files into Numpy?
 79,707  Multiplying across in a numpy array
 79,617  Numpy: Divide each row by a vector element
 79,609  Convert 2d numpy array into list of lists [duplicate]
 79,394  ValueError: all the input arrays must have same number of dimensions
 78,609  Cython: ''fatal error: numpy/arrayobject.h: No such file or directory''
 78,585  Plot 2-dimensional NumPy array using specific columns
 78,214  How to select elements row-wise from a NumPy  array?
 78,123  How to split data into 3 sets (train, validation and test)?
 78,033  Overflow in exp in scipy/numpy in Python?
 77,954  How do I get PyLint to recognize numpy members?
 77,406  numpy get index where value is true
 77,152  The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambigous when trying to index an array
 77,141  What is the equivalent of MATLAB's repmat in NumPy
 77,006  Difference between import numpy and import numpy as np
 76,941  Reading data into numpy array from text file
 76,763  How to install NumPy for Python 3.6
 76,543  Selecting rows from a NumPy ndarray
 76,499  len() of a numpy array in python [duplicate]
 76,064  How to get the cumulative distribution function with NumPy?
 75,760  numpy subtract every row of matrix by vector
 75,636  Python numpy 2D array indexing
 75,633  Python 'AttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute 'min''
 75,574  Rank items in an array using Python/NumPy, without sorting array twice
 75,298  how to install numpy on mac [duplicate]
 75,160  Combine 3 separate numpy arrays to an RGB image in Python
 74,783  Installing numpy, matplotlib on windows 7 64 bit
 74,264  Difference between numpy dot() and Python 3.5+ matrix multiplication @
 73,947  Converting int arrays to string arrays in numpy without truncation
 73,859  Function application over numpy's matrix row/column
 73,720  How to have logarithmic bins in a Python histogram
 73,590  Python reshape list to ndim array
 73,259  Syntax in Python (.T)
 73,014  Setting the fmt option in numpy.savetxt
 72,970  Good ways to ''expand'' a numpy ndarray?
 72,854  What is the difference between flatten and ravel functions in numpy?
 72,671  How to plot empirical cdf in matplotlib in Python?
 72,254  Showing ValueError: shapes (1,3) and (1,3) not aligned: 3 (dim 1) != 1 (dim 0)
 72,189  Set numpy array elements to zero if they are above a specific threshold
 71,885  How to check BLAS/LAPACK linkage in NumPy and SciPy?
 71,856  Python: Read and write TIFF 16 bit , three channel , colour images
 71,720  How to calculate 1st and 3rd quartiles?
 71,717  Solve an equation using a python numerical solver in numpy
 71,672  Confusion between numpy, scipy, matplotlib and pylab
 71,663  root mean square in numpy and complications of matrix and arrays of numpy
 71,489  How to return 0 with divide by zero
 71,118  How to plot an array in python?
 71,017  Shape of array python
 70,895  Python how to combine two matrices in numpy
 70,779  How to append a vector to a matrix in python
 70,412  numpy array concatenate: ''ValueError: all the input arrays must have same number of dimensions''
 70,320  Create 2 dimensional array with 2 one dimensional array
 70,157  How to make a 2d numpy array a 3d array?
 70,102  Numpy argsort - what is it doing?
 69,783  What is the difference between NaN and None?
 69,687  Scikit Learn SVC decision_function and predict
 69,476  TypeError: 'DataFrame' object is not callable
 69,474  Numpy: Checking if a value is NaT
 69,458  Arguments to cv2::imshow
 69,449  Get the position of the biggest item in a multi-dimensional numpy array
 69,404  How to calculate a Gaussian kernel matrix efficiently in numpy?
 69,272  How do I remove all zero elements from a NumPy array?
 69,270  Fastest way to grow a numpy numeric array
 69,200  TypeError: 'numpy.float64' object is not callable
 68,869  check how many elements are equal in two numpy arrays python
 68,798  how to read certain columns from Excel using Pandas - Python
 68,531  Convert list in tuple to numpy array?
 68,523  How to shade region under the curve in matplotlib
 68,151  What are the available datatypes for 'dtype' with NumPy's loadtxt() an genfromtxt?
 68,137  Adding row/column headers to NumPy arrays
 68,058  Numpy shuffle multidimensional array by row only, keep column order unchanged
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 19,038  Multilabel-indicator is not supported for confusion matrix
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 19,010  How to compute volatility (standard deviation) in rolling window in Pandas
 18,979  Fast cross correlation method in Python
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 18,951  Conditional indexing with Numpy ndarray
 18,920  python numpy savetxt
 18,916  3d plotting with python
 18,897  reshape an array of images
 18,896  Numpy array element-wise division (1/x)
 18,890  How to use NumPy array with ctypes?
 18,890  How to calculate mean color of image in numpy array?
 18,882  Is there easy way in python to extrapolate data points to the future?
 18,875  Index Error: index 3 is out of bounds for axis 1 with size 3
 18,866  VisibleDeprecationWarning: using a non-integer number instead of an integer will result in an error in the future
 18,846  Python removing all negative values in array
 18,843  How to use the function numpy.append
 18,835  Python Numpy TypeError: ufunc 'isfinite' not supported for the input types
 18,833  Filling a 2D matrix in numpy using a for loop
 18,801  Scipy sparse matrix multiplication
 18,793  How to find all zeros of a function using numpy (and scipy)?
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 18,781  What is the equivalent of 'fread' from Matlab in Python?
 18,764  how to plot Probability density Function (PDF) of inter-arrival time of events?
 18,758  ValueError: ndarray is not C-contiguous in cython
 18,753  Numpy Pure Functions for performance, caching
 18,752  Normalise 2D Numpy Array: Zero Mean Unit Variance
 18,741  Applying a function along a numpy array
 18,722  numpy.loadtxt ''could not convert string to float''
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 18,704  Python numpy.random.normal
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 18,691  Import .dat file in Python 3
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 18,673  Interactive plotting with Python via command line
 18,670  Loading arrays from numpy npz files in python
 18,661  Can I specify a numpy dtype when generating random values?
 18,656  Scipy hstack results in ''TypeError: no supported conversion for types: (dtype('float64'), dtype('O'))''
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 18,644  Second Derivative in Python - scipy/numpy/pandas
 18,642  Exit code 139 when performing image subtraction
 18,641  AttributeError: module 'numpy' has no attribute 'flip'
 18,635  Image.fromarray just produces black image
 18,617  TypeError: can't convert expression to float
 18,614  Using datetime as ticks in Matplotlib
 18,594  'numpy.ndarray' object has no attribute 'count'
 18,593  Plot numpy datetime64 with matplotlib
 18,585  Forcing `pip` to recompile a previously installed package (numpy) after switching to a different Python binary
 18,570  why isn't numpy.mean multithreaded?
 18,564  Import .dat file as an array
 18,557  Convert a column of timestamps into periods in pandas
 18,554  How to fit a polynomial curve to data using scikit-learn?
 18,549  How to multiply numpy 2D array with numpy 1D array?
 18,531  Vectorized look-up of values in Pandas dataframe
 18,531  python - using numpy loadtxt reading a csv file with different data types for each column
 18,531  numpy datetime64 add or substract date interval
 18,527  Numpy converting range of angles from (-Pi, Pi) to (0, 2*Pi)
 18,518  Type hinting / annotation (PEP 484) for numpy.ndarray
 18,514  Reordering matrix elements to reflect column and row clustering in naiive python
 18,509  Spherical coordinates plot in matplotlib
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 18,454  Numpy concatenate is slow: any alternative approach?
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 18,398  Finding the Index of N biggest elements in Python Array / List Efficiently
 18,394  Performance of Pandas apply vs np.vectorize to create new column from existing columns
 18,392  What does axis = 0 do in Numpy's sum function?
 18,391  Using numpy to efficiently convert 16-bit image data to 8 bit for display, with intensity scaling
 18,380  RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in double_scalars app.launch_new_instance()
 18,378  Correct way to test for numpy.dtype
 18,377  Python cv2 HoughLines grid line detection
 18,375  Vertical Histogram in Python and Matplotlib
 18,353  numpy.linalg.linalg.LinAlgError: SVD did not converge
 18,347  ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'numpy.testing.nosetester'
 18,344  numpy.fft() what is the return value amplitude + phase shift OR angle?
 18,338  Viewing .npy images
 18,325  What's the most efficient way to convert a MySQL result set to a NumPy array?
 18,324  Importing data in Spyder-Python
 18,322  Derivative of an array in python?
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 18,313  Convert elements in a numpy array to string
 18,310  Distribution plot of an array
 18,306  error extracting element from an array. python
 18,305  Vectorizing a function (Python)
 18,285  Reversing 'one-hot' encoding in Pandas
 18,283  ValueError: could not broadcast input array from shape (10,10) into shape (10,18)
 18,275  Python: how to store a numpy multidimensional array in PyTables?
 18,272  Bernoulli random number generator
 18,266  Numpy import throws AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'core'
 18,243  Limit number of threads in numpy
 18,240  Merge 2 arrays vertical to tuple Numpy
 18,227  pandas distinction between str and object types
 18,206  How to determine if a number is any type of int (core or numpy, signed or not)?
 18,200  find length of sequences of identical values in a numpy array (run length encoding)
 18,189  Randomly select from numpy array
 18,186  Create new dataframe in pandas with dynamic names also add new column
 18,179  Fastest way to write large CSV with Python
 18,163  genfromtxt returning NaN rows
 18,158  numpy.loadtxt Skipping multiple rows
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 18,106  Ignoring NaN in a dataframe
 18,079  Fast Haversine Approximation (Python/Pandas)
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 18,063  Cython Numpy warning about NPY_NO_DEPRECATED_API when using MemoryView
 18,051  Repeating each element of a numpy array 5 times
 18,041  Unpivot Pandas Data
 18,037  TypeError: return arrays must be of ArrayType for a function that uses only floats
 18,031  Missing data, insert rows in Pandas and fill with NAN
 18,028  Clustering geo location coordinates (lat,long pairs) using KMeans algorithm with Python
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 18,003  numpy is already installed with Anaconda but I get an ImportError (DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found)
 17,985  how do i convert a numpy array to pandas dataframe
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 17,911  Error NameError: name 'np' is not defined [closed]
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 17,895  ADF test in statsmodels in Python
 17,878  How do I install pandas for Python 3.4 in Windows?
 17,876  Perform a reverse cumulative sum on a numpy array
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 16,879 gives ''WavFileWarning: chunk not understood'' error
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 16,369  date2num , ValueError: ordinal must be >= 1
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 16,047  Numpy mean of nonzero values
 16,014  Efficient standard basis vector with numpy
 16,010  UserWarning: converting a masked element to nan
 15,997  How find values in an array that meet two conditions using Python
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 15,901  Python: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application
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 15,660  Most efficient way to construct similarity matrix
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 15,525  Unexpected Exception in numpy.isfinite()
 15,524  Saving and loading a Numpy Matrix in python
 15,523  AttributeError: 'numpy.ndarray' object has no attribute 'toList'
 15,519  Discarding alpha channel from images stored as Numpy arrays
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 15,498  np_utils.to_categorical Reverse
 15,496  how to annotate heatmap with text in matplotlib?
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 15,454  Adding 2 matrix and Multiplying 2 matrix in python by using scipy/numpy
 15,449  The difference between comparison to np.nan and isnull()
 15,440  Truncating decimal digits numpy array of floats
 15,437  reading csv files in scipy/numpy in Python
 15,429  Adding records to a numpy record array
 15,418  How to plot gamma distribution with alpha and beta parameters in python
 15,413  Pandas dataframe groupby to calculate population standard deviation
 15,412  Difference between nonzero(a), where(a) and argwhere(a). When to use which?
 15,408  Pandas aggregation ignoring NaN's
 15,399  Read Matlab Data File into Python, Need to Export to CSV
 15,396  Standard deviation/error of linear regression
 15,396  divide by zero encountered in double_scalars for derivative calculations
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 15,383  Correct usage of fmin_l_bfgs_b for fitting model parameters
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 15,365  Partial derivative in Python
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 15,363  Frequency detection from a sound file
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 15,322  Check if variable is None or numpy.array
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 15,316  testing if a numpy array is symmetric?
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 15,253  import image to python as 2D array
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 15,230  Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement numpy == 1.9.3
 15,219  How do I load specific rows from a .txt file in Python?
 15,216  Modify pandas dataframe values with numpy array
 15,208  How set a particular cell value in pandas?
 15,198  SciPy and scikit-learn - ValueError: Dimension mismatch
 15,186  Python/Numpy subarray selection
 15,177  Get week start date (Monday) from a date column in Python (pandas)?
 15,174  OpenCV image subtraction vs Numpy subtraction
 15,172  How to call a numpy.random function when numpy is *-imported and random is non-*-imported
 15,171  Print `numpy.ndarray` on a single line
 15,165  how to install numpy and scipy on OS X?
 15,155  Is this the best way to add an extra dimension to a numpy array in one line of code?
 15,153  Histogram in Python Using matplotlib [duplicate]
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 15,117  what does numpy.apply_along_axis perform exactly?
 15,103  Python baseline correction library
 15,083  Create large random boolean matrix with numpy
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 15,053  Converting numpy array into dataframe column?
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 15,042  How to use scipy.optimize.minimize
 15,040  working of ndim in numpy [duplicate]
 15,015  Python unsharp mask
 15,014  How to create random orthonormal matrix in python numpy
 15,012  numpy.cov() exception: 'float' object has no attribute 'shape'
 15,004  How to calculate the 99% confidence interval for the slope in a linear regression model in python?
 14,996  one-dimensional array shapes (length,) vs. (length,1) vs. (length)
 14,993  Indexing numpy array with another numpy array
 14,990  Check for None in pandas dataframe
 14,988  KeyError when plotting a sliced pandas dataframe with datetimes
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 14,956  Getting all rows with NaN value
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 14,890  usecols in loadtxt
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 12,430  Speeding up
 12,427  matplotlib 1.3.1 has requirement numpy>=1.5, but you'll have numpy 1.8.0rc1 which is incompatible
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 12,189  Flatten OpenCV/Numpy Array
 12,184  Change column values to column headers in pandas
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 12,180  Using scikit-learn LinearRegression to plot a linear fit
 12,178  What exactly is the lexsort_depth of a multi-index Dataframe?
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 12,169  Plotting words frequency and NLTK
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 12,117  sympy lambdify RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in double_scalars
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 12,086  Removing elements from an array that are in another array
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 12,081  Why is numpy.linalg.pinv() preferred over numpy.linalg.inv() for creating inverse of a matrix in linear regression
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 10,359  python tilde unary operator as negation numpy bool array
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  8,663  PCA inverse transform manually
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  8,640  Failed to find data adapter that can handle input: <class 'numpy.ndarray'>, (<class 'list'> containing values of types {''<class 'int'>''})
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  8,629  MemoryError: Unable to allocate array with shape and data type object
  8,619  Procrustes Analysis with NumPy?
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  8,038  How to set k-Means clustering labels from highest to lowest with Python?
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  6,766  Can't get to work
  6,764  2D Gaussian Fit for intensities at certain coordinates in Python
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  6,389  How do I convert a pandas series which is multidimensional to pandas dataframe
  6,388  Creating tuples with
  6,387  How to append a ''label'' to a numpy array
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  6,225  in Python trying to use cv2.matchShapes() from OpenCV
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  6,138  Why does this implementation of multiprocessing.pool not work?
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  6,132  I am trying to implement GridSearchCV to tune the parameters of K nearest neighbor classifier
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  5,680  How to match cv2.imread to the keras image.img_load output
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  5,469  How to fit a 2D ellipse to given points
  5,468  No module named numpy with pypy
  5,468  ConversionError: Failed to convert value(s) to axis units
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  5,463  Need help to parallelize a loop in python
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  5,456  Interpolating data from a look up table
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  5,373  library path for
  5,370  Round/Approximate a float number to 3 decimal place in Python pandas DataFrame
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  5,017  Basemap draw line between latitude longitude
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  4,987  using newaxis in Python
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  4,963  lightweight alternative for pandas
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  4,947  Python memory mapping
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  4,943  Numeric integration in numpy
  4,936  delete specific rows from csv using pandas
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  4,933  Is there a faster way to search a numpy array
  4,931  Np array dot product of vector and array
  4,930  Trim / strip zeros of a numpy array
  4,930  Scipy Fast 1-D interpolation without any loop
  4,929  quickest way to to convert list of tuples to a series
  4,929  Python find the indexes of a list given a condition
  4,927  ValueError: matrices are not aligned
  4,925  concatenate and remove duplicate element from numpy arrays
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  4,922  How to Solve Numba Lowering error?
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  4,906  TypeError: return arrays must be of ArrayType
  4,905  NumPy percentile function different from MATLAB's percentile function
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  4,896  Interpreting (and comparing) output from numpy.correlate
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  4,895  ProgrammingError: (psycopg2.ProgrammingError) can't adapt type 'numpy.ndarray'
  4,894  XGBoostError: b'[19:12:58] src/metric/ Check failed: (preds.size()) == (info.labels.size()) label size predict size not match'
  4,893  Delete an element from numpy array
  4,890  Weighted random sample without replacement in python
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  4,833  Geometric mean applied on row
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  4,831  Opening Images as Arrays
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  4,532  reading scientific notation csv file with numpy
  4,530  What does the order parameter in numpy.array() do AKA what is contiguous order?
  4,530  Find peak of 2d histogram
  4,529  np.reshape(x, (-1,1)) vs x[:, np.newaxis]
  4,528  Ranking of numpy array with possible duplicates
  4,526  cannot import name 'multiarray' in numpy with python3
  4,523  Fast Queue of read only numpy arrays
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  4,521  Equivalent of Matlab's cluster quality function?
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  4,516  Plot cross section through heat map
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  4,513  How to present numpy array into pygame surface?
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  4,512  multiply numpy array of scalars by array of vectors
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  4,507  Optimising memory usage in numpy
  4,507  Condition number of a matrix using numpy
  4,505  Extract date from Pandas DataFrame
  4,503  TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'Timestamp' and 'float'
  4,503  convert tensor to numpy array
  4,500  python matplotlib setting years in x axis
  4,500  Power Spectrum and Autocorrelation of Data in Numpy
  4,498  What is the easiest way to install numpy with LAPACK/BLAS?
  4,498  Using click.progressbar with multiprocessing in Python
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  4,498  Local mean filter in numpy
  4,496  Python/Numpy: Division gives me an unexpected deprecation-Warning
  4,496  Python analog to MatLab data structure
  4,495  Tensor multiplication with numpy tensordot
  4,491  How do you construct an array suitable for numpy sorting?
  4,491  How do I use `setrlimit` to limit memory usage? RLIMIT_AS kills too soon; RLIMIT_DATA, RLIMIT_RSS, RLIMIT_STACK kill not at all
  4,490  PyTorch - multiplying tensor with scalar results in zero vector
  4,490  Numpy find number of occurrences in a 2D array
  4,490  is there any difference between matmul and usual multiplication of tensors
  4,490  How to write conditional probability in Python?
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  4,489  Difference between frompyfunc and vectorize in numpy
  4,488  3D convolution in python
  4,486  Numpy: Difference between a[i][j] and a[i,j]
  4,485  TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable // numpy
  4,485  Get indices for all elements in an array in numpy
  4,484  Wrong numpy mean value?
  4,484  understanding matplotlib.subplots python
  4,483  How do I compute the variance of a column of a sparse matrix in Scipy?
  4,479  Polyval(p,x) to evaluate polynomials
  4,477  Python's Xgoost: ValueError('feature_names may not contain [, ] or <')
  4,477  converting python list of strings to their type
  4,477  Convert contour to 2d point list in opencv
  4,475  Intuition and idea behind reshaping 4D array to 2D array in NumPy
  4,472  Nonlinear e^(-x) regression using scipy, python, numpy
  4,471  Python - Numpy install and import Issue
  4,467  Theano function: Unused input
  4,467  Is it possible to create a numpy.ndarray that holds complex integers?
  4,466  Splitting Numpy array based on value
  4,466  Intersecting matplotlib graph with unsorted data
  4,466  Fastest way to read huge MySQL table in python
  4,464  Count the number of pixels by color from an image loaded into a numpy array
  4,464  Calculate percentage of count for a list of arrays
  4,463  Pandas sklearn one-hot encoding dataframe or numpy?
  4,463  Kronecker product in Python and Matlab
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  4,456  Convert Pandas Dataframe to numpy for sklearn
  4,455  Pass entire contents of a dataframe to a function in Pandas
  4,454  Logistic Regression get Value error could not convert string to float: '?'
  4,453  python 3.5: numpy - how to avoid deprecated technique
  4,453  local histogram equalization
  4,452  writing a custom cost function in tensorflow
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  4,447  Sum the squared difference between 2 Numpy arrays [duplicate]
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  4,444  Python Pandas cumulative column between datetime ranges
  4,443  remove empty numpy array
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  4,442  How to do a random stratified sampling with Python (Not a train/test split)?
  4,442  Fixing phase unwrapping errors in Numpy
  4,441  How to link permanently MKL libraries to Numpy in Linux? [closed]
  4,439  Why do I have to import this from numpy if I am just referencing it from the numpy module
  4,438  Interpolate whole arrays of complex numbers
  4,437  Maximum values along axis of Numpy ndarray?
  4,437  Least Squares Minimization Complex Numbers
  4,436  Logistic Regression function on sklearn
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  4,435  Add raster image to HDF5 file using h5py
  4,433  Using Numpy to find average value across data sets, with some missing data
  4,433  How to output dtype to a list or Dict
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  4,431  How to obtain an image's single colour channel without using the split function in OpenCV Python?
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  4,428  np.ascontiguousarray versus np.asarray with Cython
  4,428  How to find the set of indices where two vectors have equal elements in Python
  4,425  TypeError: 'DatetimeIndex' object is not callable
  4,425  Given an adjacency matrix, How to draw a graph with matplotlib?
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  4,424  Calculating wind divergence of u and v using Python, np.gradient
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  4,423  Find Element In Two-Dimensional Python Array
  4,422  matlab to python code conversion
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  4,420  Selecting rows if column values meet certain condition
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  4,416  TypeError: function() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given) (python)
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  4,411 : can't write wavfile
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  4,401  Why are log2 and log1p so much faster than log and log10, in numpy?
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  4,398  python pickle size limit
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  4,381  Comparing multiple numpy arrays
  4,380  RuntimeError: empty_like method already has a docstring
  4,376  Text display with matplotlib
  4,376  SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED certificate verify failed (_ssl.c.661)
  4,376  splitting a sparse matrix into two
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  4,367  to slice columns in a tuple present in a numpy array
  4,367  Round a Python list of numbers and maintain their sum
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  4,347  Where function in python returns nothing
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  4,342  Stiff ODE-solver
  4,341  Matrix flip horizontal or vertical
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  4,332  Can't Import Pandas
  4,328  Adding index to numpy arrays
  4,327  Fastest way to get hamming distance for integer array
  4,326  How to create a list in pyspark dataframe's column
  4,325  How to plot a graph for correlation co-efficient between each attributes of a dataset and target attribute using Python
  4,324  Matrix completion in Python
  4,323  What is the inverse operation of np.log() and np.diff()?
  4,323  Reason why numpy rollaxis is so confusing?
  4,322  ring buffer with numpy/ctypes
  4,321  numpy array indexing with boolean
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  4,308  Digitizing an analog signal
  4,307  What could cause numpy.nanstd() to return nan?
  4,307  The most efficient way to store large symmetric sparse matrices in python
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  4,306  efficient appending to pandas dataframes
  4,305  Visualization of 3D-numpy-array frame by frame
  4,303  output operand requires a reduction, but reduction is not enabled Python
  4,303  generate random dates within a range in numpy
  4,302  How to invert numpy matrices using Singular Value Decomposition?
  4,301  TypeError: conversion from Series to Decimal is not supported
  4,301  How do you get the mean and std of a column in a csr_matrix?
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  4,296  Using Radial Basis Functions to Interpolate a Function on a Sphere
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  4,296  Determine Weibull parameters from data
  4,295  Why is numpy's einsum slower than numpy's built-in functions?
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  4,294  stacking sparse and dense matrices
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  4,293  Removing rows in NumPy efficiently
  4,292  Slow bitwise operations
  4,292  Pandas, how to filter a df to get unique entries?
  4,292  Matlab VS Python - eig(A,B) VS sc.linalg.eig(A,B)
  4,290  what is an equivalent of matlab permute(A, [3 2 1]) in python?
  4,289  Performance of row vs column operations in NumPy
  4,289  pcolormesh with masked invalid values
  4,289  len() of unsized object in Python when using scipy's pearson correlation
  4,289  How to overlay facial keypoints from Dlib in an OpenCV window
  4,289  converting numpy vector to cvxopt
  4,288  ''TypeError: buffer is too small for requested array'' when attempting to read a .mat file using
  4,288  How can I create my own datatype in python so that I could overwrite arithmetic operators?
  4,288  Convert sympy expressions to function of numpy arrays
  4,286  Pandas: How to drop self correlation from correlation matrix
  4,285  numpy: inverting an upper triangular matrix
  4,285  Conversions of np.timedelta64 to days, weeks, months, etc
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  4,281  Combining numpy multi-dimensional arrays
  4,278  Cross-correlation of non-periodic function with NumPy
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  4,269  Reduce resolution of array through summation
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  4,269  Add more sample points to data
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  4,268  Numpy array memory management
  4,268  How to add a dimension to a numpy array in Python
  4,268  2D and 3D Scatter Histograms from arrays in Python
  4,265  How to correctly display red, green, and blue (rgb) channels of an image with pyplot
  4,265  appending list of lists to pd.Dataframe()
  4,264  iterate over slices of an ndarray
  4,264  How to remove blanks/NA's from dataframe and shift the values up
  4,264  Error with Padlen in signal.filtfilt in Python
  4,262  How do I create a Numpy dtype that includes 24 bit integers?
  4,261  Error: all the input array dimensions except for the concatenation axis must match exactly
  4,260  Mean value of each channel of several images
  4,259  Numpy: argmax over multiple axes without loop
  4,256  Why is numpy.dtype('float64') special?
  4,256  spo.optimize :only integers, slices (:), ellipsis ( ... ), numpy.newaxis (None) and integer or boolean arrays are valid indices
  4,256  Numpy sub-array assignment with advanced, mixed indexing
  4,256  How to do OLS Regression with the latest version of Pandas
  4,255  retrieve misclassified documents using scikitlearn
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  4,253  FFT low-pass filter
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  4,246  TypeError: unique() got an unexpected keyword argument 'return_counts'
  4,246  numpy standard deviation estimator bias with ddof = 1
  4,246  numpy.savetxt for 2d array in Python 3.5.1
  4,246  cbind (R function) equivalent in numpy
  4,244  create pivot table in pandas using count of occurrence of value [duplicate]
  4,243  What does `[b for a in x for b in a if not b==k]` mean?
  4,243  Python (strangely) rounding values [duplicate]
  4,243  Expectation Maximization(GMM-EM) never finds the correct parameters. (Mixture of Gaussians)
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  4,241  Bad input shape LabelEncoder
  4,240  Hausdorff distance between 3D grids
  4,240  Complex numbers in Cython
  4,238  Unable to load a previously dumped pickle file of large size in Python
  4,238  Store and retrieve large sparse matrix
  4,238  Numpy array: group by one column, sum another
  4,238  merging/concatenating arrays with different elements
  4,237  Sum elements of same index from different lists
  4,237  Python (NumPy): Collections can only map rank 1 arrays
  4,237  How to implement a filter like scipy.signal.lfilter
  4,236  remove rows and ValueError Arrays were different lengths
  4,235  AttributeError: 'numpy.ndarray' object has no attribute 'clock'
  4,233  Numpy import error Python3 on Raspberry Pi?
  4,232  import matplotlib.pyplot as plt fails with error about python-tk
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  4,230  How can I subtract 3 hours of a datetime in python?
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  4,228  Reshape 4D numpy array into 3D
  4,227  Multidimension histogram in python
  4,225  element-wise operations on a sparse matrix
  4,224  Theano Dimshuffle equivalent in Google's TensorFlow?
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  4,223  Python Quandl in Spyder
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  4,216  Python 3.2 64 Bit Numpy install - LaPack error
  4,216  Error when checking model target: expected dense_39 to have 3 dimensions, but got array with shape (940, 1)
  4,215  Distance between numpy arrays, columnwise
  4,214  Add trendline with equation in 2D array [duplicate]
  4,211  pandas, numpy round down to nearest 100
  4,210  NumPy: get min/max from record array of numeric values
  4,209  Raspberry pi:calibrate camera and undistortion of image
  4,209  Python - Applying a color map to a grayscale numpy array and converting it to an image
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  4,209  Converting list of tuples into numpy array and reshaping it?
  4,208  How can I round values in Pandas DataFrame containing mixed datatypes for further data comparison?
  4,206  What's the fastest way to iterate over a CvMat in Python using OpenCV?
  4,205  inserting values into numpy array
  4,203  How to convert Euclidean distances between vectors to similarity scores
  4,203  Delete dimension of array?
  4,202  convert pandas dataframe column to np.datetime64
  4,201  sklearn: Plot confusion matrix combined across training+test sets
  4,201  numpy vs list comprehension, which is faster? [closed]
  4,201  numpy.memmap from numpy operations
  4,199  error in numpy:TypeError: only length-1 arrays can be converted to Python scalars
  4,198  Find X and Y Coordinates of a value in a python array
  4,198  Faster way to extract patches from images?
  4,198  Choose random seed and save it
  4,198  angle between two vectors by using simple numpy or math in Python?
  4,197  How to hstack several sparse matrices (feature matrices)?
  4,196  How to implement Kernel density estimation in multivariate/3D
  4,195  Why is pyplot.imshow() changing color channels in arrays
  4,194  Subclassing numpy ndarray problem
  4,194  Checking for and indexing non-unique/duplicate values in a numpy array
  4,193  Python 3.4 compatibility with numpy, scipy, and matplotlib
  4,193  numpy array assignment using slicing
  4,193  How can I display the bar value on top of each bar on matplotlib?
  4,192  What scipy statistical test do I use to compare sample means?
  4,192  numpy - scalar multiplication of column vector times row vector
  4,191  Neural network backpropagation algorithm not working in Python
  4,189  How to read columns of varying length from a text file in NumPy using genfromtxt()?
  4,189  How to find all the intersection points between two contour-set in an efficient way
  4,188  Python NumPy Convert Columns to Rows
  4,188  Create a graph from a CSV file and render to browser with Django and the Pandas Python library
  4,187  reverse flatten numpy array?
  4,187  How to iterate over a row in a SciPy sparse matrix?
  4,187  How to embed python tkinter window into a browser?
  4,187  Add a vector to array
  4,186  Finding the Index of sorted elements in Python Array
  4,185  how to speed up Python nested loops for million elements
  4,184  Write comma separated values from python numpy array
  4,184  Why does indexing numpy arrays with brackets and commas differ in behavior?
  4,183  Python list comprehension for Numpy
  4,183  numpy.unique sort based on counts
  4,183  minimum and argmin in numpy
  4,183  How to perform precise calculations in Python, regardless of input types?
  4,182  How to one-hot-encode sentences at the character level?
  4,182  Differences between python's numpy.ndarray and list datatypes
  4,178  Scipy.optimization linear function approximation
  4,178  Python numpy sort 1D array
  4,178  Plotting values in matrix corresponding to the index in an array with Matplotlib in Python
  4,177  Specifying encoding using NumPy loadtxt/savetxt
  4,177  Shape not aligned error in OLS Regression python
  4,177  Save pandas dataframe with numpy arrays column
  4,177  processing opencv image pixels quickly using python interface
  4,174  Get the average year (mean of days over multiple years) in Pandas
  4,174  Fixing inflexion point estimate using python
  4,174  Changing matshow xticklabel position from top to bottom of the figure
  4,174  Adding row to numpy recarray
  4,172  Which is faster, numpy transpose or flip indices?
  4,172  Correlation matrix heatmap with multiple datasets that have matching columns
  4,172  Cannot import mean from statistics
  4,171  Using fillna, downcast and pandas
  4,169  How to limit cross correlation window width in Numpy?
  4,168  When to use np.quantile and np.percentile?
  4,168  creating a 3D scatter plot from a CSV file
  4,166  Fitting probability distribution to data
  4,166  Fast linear interpolation in Numpy / Scipy ''along a path''
  4,165  input/output error in scipy.optimize.fsolve
  4,165  Image from array and image using point
  4,164  Why is numpy much slower than matlab on a digitize example?
  4,164  Installing Modules for SPARK on worker nodes
  4,163  Convert graphlab sframe into a dictionary of {key: values}
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  4,158  circular cross correlation python
  4,157  ValueError: Error when checking : expected dense_1_input to have shape (3,) but got array with shape (1,)
  4,156  NumPy: convert decimals to fractions
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  4,155  Numpy is installed but still get the error ''No module named numpy''
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  4,152  Python matplotlib errorbar issue
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  4,150  (matpolotlib) ValueError: too many values to unpack
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  4,148  Python - Trouble plotting datetime index with pandas and matplotlib
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  4,147  Create a numpy array (10x1) with zeros and fives
  4,146  Create The Legendre Formula Using Numpy
  4,145  Fast Circular buffer in python than the one using deque?
  4,144  compare two pandas data frame
  4,144  compare two pandas data frame
  4,143  Predicting next numbers in sequence Keras - Python
  4,143  Portfolio Variance of a Portfolio of N Assets in Python
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  4,141  ValueError: Number of label does not match number of samples
  4,141  finding the length of a numpy array
  4,141  Efficient dot products of large memory-mapped arrays
  4,139  Scipy.optimize.minimize objective function ValueError
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  4,139  Check Density of a Scipy Sparse Matrix
  4,137  Is there a faster version of numpy.random.shuffle?
  4,136  np.isnan on arrays of dtype ''object''
  4,134  left hand side eigenvector in python?
  4,132  Writing to a CSV File from Array
  4,132  Pandas: cannot safely convert passed user dtype of int32 for float64
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  4,130  Getting ''ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes'' when trying to subtract from channel wise mean in Caffe
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  4,128  Calculate the Fourier series with the trigonometry approach
  4,127  Pip hangs on ''collecting numpy''
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  4,119  What happened to numpy.chararray
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  4,083  Tensorflow is not installed properly
  4,080  ValueError: Input to `.fit()` should have rank 4. Got array with shape: (10, 20, 50, 50, 1)
  4,080  using python to calculate Vector Projection
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  4,021  Cannot uninstall numpy,
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  3,911  How to check Pandas Dataframe for True or False - Python
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  3,900  invalid type comparison error
  3,899  Split array into equal sized windows
  3,896  Python: Creation of array with fill values according to column/row
  3,896  Error with index. index 0 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 0
  3,893  Select Rows from Numpy Rec Array
  3,893  Numpy Convert String to Float when Possible
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  3,887  Using numpy.argpartition
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  3,886  32 bit RGBA numpy array from PIL image
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  3,871  combining two slicing operations
  3,870  Using Excel like solver in Python or SQL
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  3,844  Python code not running
  3,842  TypeError: src data type = 15 is not supported
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  3,840  Python Pie chart from CSV data
  3,839  How to obtain reproducible but distinct instances of GroupKFold
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  3,822  Need help combining two 3 channel images into 6 channel image Python
  3,822  How to Train scikit-neuralnetwork on images
  3,821  ''TypeError: Image data can not convert to float'' unsing matplotlib in python27
  3,821  Locality Sensitive Hashing of sparse numpy arrays
  3,819  Increment specific coordinates to a numpy array [duplicate]
  3,819  ImportError: No module named array_import -----scipy
  3,819  How to solve an equation with variables in a matrix in Python?
  3,818  Getting attributes from arrays of objects in NumPy
  3,818  Efficient way to do a rolling linear regression
  3,817  How to read JUST filenames of a directory in python and then do the same job for all?
  3,814  Python 2.7 Unrecognized Character G in format string during runtime
  3,814  Efficiently reshape numpy array
  3,813  Selecting which dimension to index in a numpy array
  3,813  np.where 2D array
  3,813  Finding the convolution of two histograms
  3,812  Getting completely wrong fit from python scipy.optimize.curve_fit
  3,811  Python multiprocessing (joblib) best way for argument passing
  3,810  Error Converting Sparse Matrix to Array with scipy.sparse.csc_matrix.toarray()
  3,809  What is the identity of ''ndim, shape, size, ..etc'' of ndarray in numpy
  3,809  numpy append array to array
  3,809  matplotlib creating 2D arrays from 1D arrays - is there a nicer way?
  3,809  How to select not only the maximum of a `numpy.ndarray` but the top 3 maximal values in python?
  3,808  Read csv file into n dimensional array in python
  3,808  Numpy indexing with a one dimensional boolean array
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  3,807  Found input variables with inconsistent numbers of samples when fitting LogisticRegression
  3,806  numpy slice an array without copying it
  3,806  DeprecationWarning: object of type <class 'float'> cannot be safely interpreted as an integer
  3,804  What's the difference between (N,) and (N,1) in numpy? [duplicate]
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  3,802  ndimage's center_of_mass to calculate the position of a Gaussian peak
  3,802  List of tuples converted to numpy array
  3,802  Error in `/usr/bin/python': double free or corruption (out): 0x00007f7c3c017260
  3,801  numpy array of zeros or empty
  3,801  Error : No module named numpy.core.multiarray. Maxent tree bank pos-tagger model is already installed
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  3,798  Numpy Modular arithmetic
  3,797  Integer overflow in numpy arrays
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  3,794  python , opencv, image array to binary
  3,793  create a matrix from a list in python
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  3,790  If statements with numpy [closed]
  3,790  Convert numpy array with floats to binary (0 or 1 integers)
  3,789  Elementwise multiplication of arrays of different shapes in python
  3,788  Preserving the dimensions of a slice from a Numpy 3d array
  3,788  'numpy.int64' object has no attribute 'timestamp'
  3,788  how to do scatter/gather operations in numpy
  3,788  Calculate moving average in numpy array with NaNs
  3,786  After upgrading to Numpy 1.8.2, ImportError: cannot import name multiarray
  3,785  Dynamic matrix in Python
  3,784  matplotlib.pyplot.plot, ValueError: could not convert string to float: f
  3,784  Extracting diagonal blocks from a numpy array
  3,784  Concatenate numpy arrays
  3,782  Python - Loop parallelisation with joblib
  3,781  average numpy array but retain shape
  3,779  Pixel coordinates vs Drawing Coordinates
  3,779  How to create in one line a null vector of size 10 but the fifth value being 1 using numpy
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  3,774  Converting from numpy arrays to a RGB image
  3,774  AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'ndim'
  3,773  What is wrong with my cost function in numpy?
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  3,772  numpy genfromtxt columns
  3,771  python ValueError: column index exceeds matrix dimensions
  3,771  How to use random.RandomState
  3,770  How to install Numpy & Scipy for Python 3.3 on Moutain Lion
  3,769  Fast 2D rigid body transformations in numpy/scipy
  3,767  Profile Memory Allocation in Python (with support for Numpy arrays)
  3,766  Remove bracket of a array python
  3,766  Numpy svd vs Scipy.sparse svds
  3,766  Numpy sum() got an 'keepdims' error
  3,766  Numpy array addition with NoneType
  3,765  AssertionError: incompatible sizes: argument 'height' must be length 5 or scalar
  3,764  Storing Python objects in a Python list vs. a fixed-length Numpy array
  3,764  Matplotlib bar plot with pandas Timestamp
  3,762  Can you compute the amplitude/power of original signal from Fourier transform?
  3,761  How to convert a numpy array view to opencv matrix?
  3,761  Converting a list into a numpy array
  3,760  How can I generate a Toeplitz matrix in the correct form for performing discrete convolution?
  3,759  How to check if a number is a np.float64 or np.float32 or np.float16?
  3,759  Double integral with function and sampled data Python
  3,759  Assigning real and imaginary parts of a complex array from two arrays containing the two parts - Python
  3,758  Pandas: how to fill null values matching the right types of that column?
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  3,757  plotting a scatter plot for list/array in matplotlib
  3,757  how to exclude some numbers from a list
  3,756  Numpy Array to Graph
  3,756  Add metadata comment to Numpy ndarray
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  3,751  Combining two record arrays
  3,749  python convert string to integer array
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  3,748, b) gives wrong result on multiplication of matrices with similar dimenstions
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  3,744  Caffe installation in ubuntu 14.04
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  3,743  scipy.polyfit(x, y, 100) would be 100th order polynome, but matplotlib.pyplot.legend displays 53?
  3,742  How to read JPG2000 with Python?
  3,742  How can I convert an ndarray to a matrix in scipy?
  3,741  How to make sure that solution is global minimum while using python scipy.optimize.minimize
  3,740  Python: concatenate arrays stored in a dictionary
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  3,737  Convert JSON file to numpy array
  3,736  Passing memoryview to C function
  3,736  How to import matrix from excel into numpy and then graph it? [closed]
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  3,735  Calculating velocities and acceleration in python for large numpy arrays
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  3,731  Using scipy pdist on pandas data frames (and) lists
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  3,724  Does automatically transpose vectors?
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  3,722  get the index of point which create ConvexHull
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  3,709  Efficiently Standardizing Images in a Numpy Array
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  3,708  creating elevation/height field gdal numpy python
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  3,704  Python draw path between point
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  3,695  Chose the farthest k points from given n points
  3,692  nparray.T.reshape(x, -1).reshape(-1) : what does this do to the nparray?
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  3,683  Number of features of the model must match the input?
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  3,681  How to use geopy to obtain the zip code from coordinates?
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  3,676  How to copy array in Python
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  3,676  Convert Dictionary to Numpy array
  3,675  Shape of passed values is (30, 569), indices imply (569, 569)
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  3,670  Error Converting PIL B&W images to Numpy Arrays
  3,669  RuntimeWarning: divide by zero encountered in divide
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  3,666  tensor dot operation in python
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  3,665  Load column in csv file into spaCy
  3,665  Get norm of numpy sparse matrix rows
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  3,663  opencv warpPerspective parameter count
  3,662  Are Numpy functions slow?
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  3,653  Pytesseract, trying to detect text from on screen
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  3,651  Python Bar string on x axis
  3,651  Plotting a Network Graph with all edges clearly visible
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  3,650  Lucas Kanade Optical Flow, Direction Vector
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  3,645  List comprehension-like approach for numpy arrays with more than one dimension
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  3,642  Updating numpy array in loop
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  3,642  Library not loaded: libmkl_intel_lp64.dylib, using Anaconda on OS X
  3,642  Adaptive Histogram Equalization in Python
  3,641  Numpy: ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all()
  3,641  How to pass a numpy array of string types to a function in Cython
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  3,631  When using scipy.optimize.fmin_bfgs I got TypeError: f() missing 1 required positional argument:
  3,631  Scipy ConvexHull and QHull: rank/dimension is not maximal
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  3,630  Optimizing Python KD Tree Searches
  3,627  How do I convert a CSV file to an RGB image using python
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  3,625  The PyData Ecosystem
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  3,622  Basemap and density plots
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  3,620  One-hot encoding of categories
  3,620  Is there a built-in/easy LDU decomposition method in Numpy?
  3,618  Subtract next row use current row, python dataframe
  3,617  Is it possible to speed up this loop in Python?
  3,615  statsmodel AR model answers wrong
  3,614  TypeError / Array indexing; 'int' object does not support item assignment
  3,614  Multiplying all combinations of array elements in numpy
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  3,613  Finding differences between all values in an List
  3,613  Convert DatetimeIndex to datetime
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  3,609  line, = plot(x,sin(x)) what does comma stand for?
  3,608  sigmoid RuntimeWarning: overflow encountered in exp
  3,608 with Python broadcasting
  3,608  how to apply a deconvolution method on an image?
  3,607  Python fork(): passing data from child to parent
  3,607  How to edit h5 files with h5py?
  3,607  How do I resolve one hot encoding if my test data has missing values in a col?
  3,606  numpy array indexing with negative index
  3,606  how to extract value from a numpy.ndarray
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  3,605  Extracting unsigned char from array of numpy.uint8
  3,604  Numpy octuple precision floats and 128 bit ints. Why and how?
  3,604  ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'numpy.testing._private
  3,603  ndim in numpy array loaded with
  3,603  MemoryError when creating and writing
  3,603  Editing Original DataFrame After Making a Copy but Before Editing the Copy Changes the Copy
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  3,601  Numpy Int Array to HEX and then to String Conversion PYTHON
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  3,600  Using PIL to fill empty image space with nearby colors (aka inpainting)
  3,600  Cython: Create memoryview without NumPy array?
  3,598  scipy cdist or pdist on arrays of complex numbers
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  3,596  Numpy diff inverted operation?
  3,594  Looking for Python package for numerical integration over a tessellated domain
  3,593  Wrapping C function in Cython and NumPy
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  3,591  Store Numpy array index in variable
  3,591  Pytorch - Pick best probability after softmax layer
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  3,590  Writing a 3D Numpy array to a CSV file
  3,590  Python: ''unsupported operand types for +: 'long' and 'numpy.float64' ''
  3,589  Theano broadcasting different to numpy's
  3,586  initialization of multiarray raised unreported exception python
  3,585  pandas: subtracting two columns and saving result as an absolute
  3,584  Using numpy.array in cython
  3,584  Is there a difference between `board[x, y]` and `board[x][y]` in Python?
  3,583  Numpy casting float32 to float64
  3,582  how numpy partition work
  3,581  Do numpy 1D arrays follow row/column rules?
  3,581  Cython: Should I use np.float_t rather than double for typed memory views
  3,580  XGBoost difference in train and test features after converting to DMatrix
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  3,579  Histogram manipulation to remove unwanted data
  3,579  error of making a test and train data split in sklearn
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  3,566  Optimizing with Cython
  3,565  scipy sparse matrices and cython
  3,565  Cannot install scipy, numpy or pandas with pip
  3,564  numpy.int64' object has no attribute 'replace' while writing xml file using minidom
  3,563  save images in hdf5 files
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  3,563  Implementing tridiagonal matrix algorithm (TDMA) with NumPy
  3,562  Python - save binned data to text file
  3,562  How to save weights of a neural network
  3,562  double precision and single precision floating point numbers?
  3,561  How multiarray.correlate2(a, v, mode) is actually implemented?
  3,560  Scipy odeint giving lsoda warning
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  3,558  Can Python perform vectorized operations?
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  3,554  Speed comparison. numpy vs python standard
  3,553  Generate ''random'' matrix of certain rank over a fixed set of elements
  3,552  Using numpy.median on a masked array
  3,552  QR factorisation using modified Gram Schmidt
  3,551  TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'list' and 'long'
  3,551  Numpy Array reshape
  3,550  What does (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__array_interface__') mean?
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  3,549  combine matrix and sparse matrix
  3,547  Python pandas: Missing required dependencies ['numpy']
  3,546  Import numpy throws error: SyntaxError: (unicode error) 'unicodeescape' codec can't decode bytes in position 2-3: truncated \uXXXX escape
  3,545  TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for *: 'method' and 'float'
  3,545  Python importing package in function
  3,545  Python: How to generate frequency count for all variables
  3,545  How to integrate SQLAlchemy and a subclassed Numpy.ndarray smoothly and in a pythonic way?
  3,544  Numpy array, insert alternate rows of zeros
  3,544  Converting string to Numpy datetime
  3,543  Efficient serialization of numpy boolean arrays
  3,541  pandas.apply expects output shape (Shape of passed values is (x,), indices imply (x,y))
  3,540  How to locate a particular ''region'' of values in a 2D numpy array?
  3,539  Reproducing Excel's LINEST function with NumPy
  3,537  Plotting the difference between two datetime64[ns]
  3,535  vectorized approach to binning with numpy/scipy in Python
  3,535  Perform a Standard Deviation on the values in a dictionary
  3,535  Pandas rolling window to return an array
  3,534  Removing NAN's from numpy 2-D arrays
  3,534  how to normalize a numpy array in python
  3,532  Tkinter - getting an array of entry values
  3,532  Plotting all data files in a directory
  3,531  Matplotlib fix axis - too many dates
  3,531  Fast conversion of C/C++ vector to Numpy array
  3,530  Numpy: Using a matrix as indices for another matrix to create a tensor?
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  3,529  How can i reduce memory usage of Scikit-Learn Vectorizers?
  3,529  Append arrays of different dimensions to get a single array
  3,528  Numpy: Replacing values in a 2D array efficiently using a dictionary as a map
  3,528  Fast calculation of distances to each cluster center for an entire dataset
  3,527  scipy.optimize.fminbound: Set bounds on parameters
  3,527  Is numpy slower than c++ linear algebra libraries like eigen?
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  3,525  Merge axis in numpy array
  3,525  How can I check if one two-dimensional NumPy array contains a specific pattern of values inside it?
  3,524  numpy array dtype is coming as int32 by default in a windows 10 64 bit machine
  3,523  Sum ndarray values
  3,523  Basics of numpy where function, what does it do to the array?
  3,522  stack images as numpy array faster (than preallocation)?
  3,522  Pandas reverse of diff()
  3,520  Looking up large sets of keys: dictionary vs. NumPy array
  3,519  Using NumPy to convert user/item ratings into 2-D array
  3,519  sklearn feature.Extraction 'DictVectorizer' object has no attribute 'feature_names_'
  3,519  NumPy linspace rounding error
  3,519  numpy interp decreasing xp
  3,519  Is there any way to delete the specific elements of an numpy array ''In-place'' in python:
  3,518  Numpy - ImportError: cannot import name shares_memory
  3,516  numpy ufuncs speed vs for loop speed
  3,516  Numba Matrix Vector multiplication
  3,515  numpy.array not working properly?
  3,515  How could I get square root of a symbol in python?
  3,515  Decimal to binary Half-Precision IEEE 754 in Python
  3,515  Create Pandas dataframe from numpy array and use first column of the array as index
  3,514  How do I clip a floating-point number to just below a limit?
  3,514  convert cv2.umat to numpy array
  3,514  Beginner extending C with Python (specifically Numpy)
  3,514  average of a number of arrays with numpy without considering zero values
  3,513  Matlab / Octave bwdist() in Python or C
  3,511  how to call python scipy quad with array inputs
  3,511  How do I create a scipy sparse matrix from a pandas dataframe?
  3,511  Cython prange slower for 4 threads then with range
  3,511  Convert numpy array of RGB values to hex using format operator %
  3,510  Performance: Matlab vs Python
  3,510  Efficient way of making a list of pairs from an array in Numpy
  3,510  Cant install Numpy+MKL
  3,508  Why numpy/scipy is faster without OpenBLAS?
  3,506  Binning of data along one axis in numpy
  3,506  Adding horizontal and vertical lines and colorbar to seaborn jointplot
  3,505  pandas calculate mean of column that has lists instead of single value
  3,505  Numpy: Multiply a matrix with an array of vectors
  3,505  Clean mathematical notation of a for-loop
  3,504  Very slow interpolation using `scipy.interpolate.griddata`
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  3,501  Vectorize this function in Numpy Python
  3,501  Sparse Matrix in Numba
  3,501  Remove brackets from numpy array
  3,500  Python - return intersection of two arrays
  3,500  Python - reading/parsing binary file
  3,500  How can I implement a dictionary with a NumPy array?
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  3,499  How to replace a dataframe column with a numpy array column in Python?
  3,498  Numpy two matrices, pairwise dot product of rows [duplicate]
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  3,497  Using Template Matching on different sizes efficiently
  3,496  Python - Reading a data text file with different delimiters
  3,496  numpy.where() clause error
  3,495  python error : too many indices for array
  3,495  Plotting an awkward pandas multi index dataframe
  3,495  Opencv Python open dng format
  3,492  Python beginner, understanding some code
  3,491  how to interpolate points in a specific interval on a plot formed by loading a txt file in to scipy program?
  3,491  Building a 3D array from a number of 2D arrays with numpy
  3,489  What is the best way to dynamically increase a numpy array in Python?
  3,489  numpy.sort() error ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all()
  3,488  How to fill NaN values in numeric array to apply SVD?
  3,488  Fast incremental update of the mean and covariance in Python
  3,487  Error - Calculating Euclidean distance for PCA in python
  3,486  Python numpy sum (-1)
  3,486  Does calling random.normal on an array of values add noise?
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  3,482  Meshgrid of z values that match x and y meshgrid values
  3,482  Make 2D Numpy array from coordinates
  3,482  Insert image in matplotlib legend
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  3,478  Embedding Python in MATLAB
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  3,476  Calculate the percentage for python dictionary
  3,475  using numpy to reduce the size of the matrix
  3,475  numpy mean of multidimensional array
  3,475  Efficiently convert numpy array of arrays to pandas series of arrays
  3,475  Coefficients of Linear Model are way too large/low
  3,474  Use size in Python
  3,474  how to create an environment in anaconda with numpy nomkl?
  3,473  Get matrix product of 3 matrices
  3,473  Forcing datatype for hdf5 file using h5py
  3,473  AttributeError: 'numpy.ndarray' object has no attribute 'units'
  3,471  How can I install matplotlib for my AWS Elastic Beanstalk application?
  3,470  Serialize/deserialize float arrays to binary file using BSON in Python
  3,469  Transforming and Resampling a 3D volume with numpy/scipy
  3,469  Faster matrix power than numpy?
  3,468  How is the gradient and hessian of logarithmic loss computed in the custom objective function example script in xgboost's github repository?
  3,468  Average data by each hour in python [closed]
  3,467  Unable to import even after installing the packages
  3,467  Python: numpy.linalg.linalg.LinAlgError: Singular matrix
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  3,465  Type hint for NumPy ndarray dtype?
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  3,464  How to resize a binary image through scikit-image?
  3,464  How can I zoom in python plot or make it bigger?
  3,462  Python advanced slicing
  3,462  Counting of adjacent cells in a numpy array
  3,460  Reshape numpy array having only one dimension
  3,460  'Mean of empty slice' warning
  3,460  Drop column that starts with
  3,460  are numpy array elements rounded automatically?
  3,457  How to plot the grid line only using pcolor/pcolormesh
  3,457  Filter out non-zero values in a tensor
  3,456  Producing an array from an ellipse
  3,453  How can I combine graphs in Python? (I'm getting multiple graphs.)
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  3,451  Difference between Sympy and Numpy solvers
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  3,449  Print full value of tensor into console or write to file in tensorflow
  3,449  Matrix power for sparse matrix in python
  3,448  module 'scipy.optimize' has no attribute 'anneal'
  3,448  Converting Python List to Numpy Array InPlace
  3,446  RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in double_scalars
  3,444  Python - numpy.loadtxt how to ignore end commas?
  3,444  Numpy not found after installation
  3,444  Modifying/Overwriting NumPy Array
  3,441  Rewriting a for loop in pure NumPy to decrease execution time
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  3,441  Can I use idxmax() instead of argmax() in all cases?
  3,440  Scipy - All the Solutions of Non-linear Equations System
  3,440  ImportError: No module named numpy.distutils.core while installing XGBoost in Windows/Python
  3,440  Compare column names of Pandas Dataframe
  3,440  Adding data to existing h5py file along new axis using h5py
  3,438  Optimizing a nested-loop operation
  3,435  Python: Looking for a specific value in array column
  3,435  How to obtain a weighted gaussian filter
  3,435  How do I change a value in a .npz file?
  3,435  Create Folder with Numpy Savetxt
  3,435  comparing row in numpy array
  3,434  Assign multiple values to multiple slices of a numpy array at once
  3,433  Using arrays in for loops python
  3,433  Python Pandas: Get dataframe.value_counts() result as list
  3,433  exporting from/importing to numpy, scipy in SQLite and HDF5 formats
  3,433  Can anybody explain me the numpy.indices()?
  3,432  Filtering CSV data using Python/numpy
  3,431  How to change multiple Pandas DF columns to categorical without a loop
  3,431  Histogram of sum instead of count using numpy and matplotlib
  3,431  Computing mean square displacement using python and FFT
  3,430  Why is this syntax not working in Python?
  3,429  np.percentile not equal to quartiles
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  3,427  numpy matrix inversion rounding errors
  3,427  Install numpy + pandas as dependency in
  3,427  Get sums of pairs of elements in a numpy array
  3,426  Numpy matrix multiplication error
  3,426  How can I find out if A * B is a Hadamard or Dot Product in Numpy?
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  3,425  Accessing Lower Triangle of a Numpy Matrix?
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  3,423  Saving Pandas dataframe indices to file
  3,423  Calculating an average for every X number of lines
  3,421  Exponential regression function Python
  3,420  NumPy linalg.eig
  3,420  Numpy Array Division - unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'list' and 'float'
  3,419  Plot/Convert an expression coming from sympy: Taylor series with matplotlib
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  3,419  Finding very large jumps in data
  3,418  Using Numpy's readtxt to read Hex numbers
  3,418  Keras LSTM training data format
  3,418  Joint entropy in python
  3,418  Have trouble uninstall scipy on osx
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  3,415  reshape numpy 3D array to 2D
  3,415  Getting InvalidArgumentError in Tensorflow
  3,414  Numpy installation dependency
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  3,413  keep getting ''only length-1 arrays can be converted to Python scalars''
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  3,411  Animation with contours matplotlib
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  3,410  cv2.calcOpticalFlowPyrLK Adding New Points
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  3,395  Numpy dot product very slow using ints
  3,395  gaussian sum filter for irregular spaced points
  3,394  Using fit transform on a numpy array
  3,394  Unwrap angle to have continuous phase
  3,394  loading EMNIST-letters dataset
  3,393  Partition a list into sublists by percentage
  3,392  Plotting histogram of floating point numbers and integers in python
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  3,390  What is the built-in function A of numpy array.A?
  3,390  Iterate over numpy with index (numpy equivalent of python enumerate)
  3,390  How to read a text file with mixed data_types automatically in Python?
  3,389  numpy.distutils.system_info.NotFoundError: no lapack/blas resources found :Error while installing scipy
  3,389  Efficient way to sample a large array many times with NumPy?
  3,388  Python Multiple Simple Linear Regression
  3,385  Faster rolling_apply on a Pandas DataFrame?
  3,384  scipy function always returns a numpy array
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  3,383  Variables with dynamic shape TensorFlow
  3,383  Butterworth filter applied on a column of a pandas dataframe
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  3,382  autocorrelation function of time series data with numpy
  3,381  Find the second closest index to value
  3,379  Python/numpy locating Runtime Warning
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  3,376  Can not find linspace in python3
  3,376  Assign value to array in dictionary: 'numpy.float64' object does not support item assignment
  3,375  Why do I get error trying to cast np.array(some_list) ValueError: could not broadcast input array
  3,375  SQL join or R's merge() function in NumPy?
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  3,375  Extending Numpy with C function
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  3,370  Python struct like Matlab
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  3,367  RuntimeWarning: overflow encountered in square
  3,367  Python numpy masked array initialization
  3,364  Numpy optimization with Numba
  3,363  How do I implement the Probability density function of a Gaussian Distribution
  3,363  Fill shape using ndimage.binary_fill_holes
  3,363  Accessing the first items in a numpy array of tuples
  3,362  Why this numba code is 6x slower than numpy code?
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  3,361  Why numpy is 'slow' by itself?
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  3,360  Port Python virtualenv to another system
  3,360  Is it possible to convert a numpy int64 array to type int
  3,359  Sphinx Autodoc and NumpyDoc
  3,359  Performance of numpy.searchsorted is poor on structured arrays
  3,359  Numpy fft.pack vs FFTW vs Implement DFT on your own
  3,359  How to replicate a row of an array with numpy?
  3,358  Select rows from a pandas dataframe with a numpy 2D array on multiple columns
  3,358  NumPy Data Type Not Understood
  3,358  magnetic field visualization with quiver-function in Python
  3,358  EOFError: ran out of input. Getting this error when trying to pickle.loads from a socket
  3,357  How to make a tuple including a numpy array hashable?
  3,357  How to check Pandas cell value is nan
  3,356  Scipy.optimize.minimize function to determine multiple variables
  3,356  Computing the mean square displacement of a 2d random walk in Python
  3,355  Filling array with zeros in numpy
  3,354  install numpy and matplotlib to locally installed python2.7 in linux
  3,353  Should I preallocate a numpy array?
  3,353  matplotlib: How to conditionally plot a histogram from a 2d array
  3,351  no module named `numpy` in python 3.6 interpreter
  3,349  Slicing numpy array with another array
  3,349  Python 3.x's dictionary view objects and matplotlib
  3,349  filling numpy array with random element from another array
  3,348  ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'numpy'; but numpy installed
  3,348  How to print numpy array in binary representation mode
  3,347  System of equations, non-square
  3,347  How can I create a matrix, or convert a 2D array into matrix in Python?
  3,346  Replacing values in numpy array
  3,346  2D motion estimation using Python, OpenCV & Kalman filtering
  3,343  Getting the singular values of np.linalg.svd as a matrix
  3,343  Get all except first and last n elements of a numpy array
  3,343  Extract histogram modes by detecting the local maxima of a vector with NumPy/SciPy
  3,342  Outer product with Numpy and Ndarray
  3,342  How to make a numpy recarray with datatypes (datetime,float)?
  3,341  pip install numpy pandas fails?
  3,341  Fastest way to read every n-th row with numpy's genfromtxt
  3,341  Add and access object-type field of a numpy structured array
  3,340  Type error, and then ValueError: x and y must have same first dimension
  3,340  Series object not callable
  3,340  Scikit grid search for KNN regression ValueError: Array contains NaN or infinity
  3,340  'int' object has no attribute 'item' in numpy array [closed]
  3,339  saving a numpy array as a io.BytesIO with jpg format
  3,339  Parallelizing python: multiprocessing vs cython
  3,339  keyError when trying to drop a column in pandas.
  3,339  ImportError with scipy/sklearn: `/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: ATL_chemv`
  3,339  How is numpy's fancy indexing implemented?
  3,339  Alternative of numpy.linalg.pinv in tensorflow
  3,337  Solve system of linear integer equations in Python
  3,337  Python/numpy tricky slicing problem
  3,337  How can I subtract a scalar from every element in one axis of an ndarray
  3,337  cumsum per group in column ordered by second column append to original dataframe
  3,336  speeding up numpy kronecker products
  3,335  Matplotlib: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'list' and 'float'
  3,334  Precision in numpy: issues while comparing numbers
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  3,332  Numpy structured array with datetime
  3,332  Indices of fixed size sub-matrices of numpy array
  3,331  error importing stats from scipy- new computer with new ArcGIS 10.1 install
  3,331  Appending to file using savetxt
  3,330  applying a function to each element in vector in numpy
  3,329  Using Pandas value.counts() to get one value
  3,329  scipy: how to get all non-zero value index for each row?
  3,329  numpy array - more and less than [duplicate]
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  3,327  Reconcile np.fromiter and multidimensional arrays in Python
  3,326  resize a 2D numpy array excluding NaN
  3,324  Numpy sum of values in subarrays between pairs of indices
  3,324  N dimensional array in python
  3,324  Fast algorithm to compute Adamic-Adar
  3,324  Comparing NumPy arrays so that NaNs compare equal
  3,323  pytorch: Convert a tuple of FloatTensors into a numpy array
  3,323  how to use vstack in a for loop in order to append csr_matrix matrices together
  3,323  Calculating thd in python
  3,322  Specifying default dtype for np.array(1.)
  3,322  Scipy sparse dia_matrix solver
  3,322  Displaying a cvMatrix containing complex numbers (CV_64FC2)
  3,322  Convert RGB array to HSL
  3,320  Along what axis does mpi4py Scatterv function split a numpy array?
  3,319  Pandas Random Weighted Choice
  3,318  Pandas: How do I repeat dataframe for each value in a series?
  3,317  numpy sliding 2d window calculations
  3,317  Convert vtkPoints to numpy array?
  3,316  How to calculate a Confidence Interval using numpy.percentile() in Python
  3,315  random.expovariate(rate) and numpy.random.poisson(quantity) yield the same average value, but the distributions are vastly different. Why is this?
  3,314  Python gzip: OverflowError size does not fit in an int
  3,314  Inexplicable Numpy nan's in np.sqrt() or np.arctan() [closed]
  3,313  why is numpy shape empty?
  3,312  Read a 3d Array from File
  3,312  Determine arguments where two numpy arrays intersect in Python
  3,311  Python float vs numpy.float32 [duplicate]
  3,311  Implementing Adagrad in Python
  3,311  Describing gaps in a time series pandas
  3,311  Axes labels within numpy arrays
  3,310  Blur from OpenCV in Region of Interest
  3,309  Sphinx Unexpected section title - numpydoc
  3,309  Meaning of the function numpy.fft.fftfreq
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  3,307  KeyError: 'Date'
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  3,306  Why numpy gave ''segmentation fault'' upon import and pydoc?
  3,306  Sparse matrix: how to get nonzero indices for each row
  3,306  numpy and pandas timedelta error
  3,305  import Numpy as np ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'Numpy'
  3,305  Error in python numpy
  3,304  Python TypeError: list indices must be integers, not tuple
  3,304  Python split a list of datetimes by year + month
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  3,085  Scipy: Speeding up calculation of a 2D complex integral
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  3,085  Mean of data scaled with sklearn StandardScaler is not zero
  3,085  efficient way to compress a numpy array (python)
  3,084  Catching Numpy All-Nan Slice
  3,083  Generate large random text files with python and NumPy
  3,082  Save results in YAML file with python
  3,082  Dictionary-like efficient storing of scipy/numpy arrays
  3,082  Binary file (Labview .DAT file) conversion using Python
  3,081  Broken numpy/scipy installation (python, ubuntu 10.04)
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  3,080  Interpolation on a log scale
  3,079  Numpy: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes
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  3,072  Sorted method: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all()
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  3,071  Python Importing data with multiple delimiters
  3,071  numpy requires System Python 2.7 to install
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  3,055  Using Numpy to create Yahoo finance price table
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  3,055  Exponential Decay on Python Pandas DataFrame
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  3,051  Minimum element from the matrix column
  3,051  How to calculate a personalized PageRank over millions of nodes?
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  3,048  Python eigenvalue computations run much slower than those of MATLAB on my computer. Why?
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  3,044  Replace None with NaN and ignore NoneType in Pandas
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  3,044  Keras: how to get predicted labels for more than two classes
  3,043  Need to compare very large files around 1.5GB in python
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  3,042  Get indices of array at certain value python
  3,041  'numpy.ndarray' object has no attribute 'train'
  3,041  Interpolating a 3D surface known by its corner nodes and coloring it with a colormap
  3,040  Using numpy and pil to convert 565(16bit-color) to 888(24bit-color)
  3,040  Optimizing gravitation calculation for particles in a zero gravity 2d space
  3,040  Linear regression - reduce degrees of freedom
  3,039  Creating inverse and diagonal of numpy matrices
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  3,037  I want to reshape 2D array into 3D array
  3,036  Missing values masked array correlation (
  3,034  - vs -= operators with numpy
  3,034  Vectorize multiplying RGB array by color transform matrix, for image processing
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  3,031  Read in Dates from file to be used in plots
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  3,031  Hue Saturation Intensity Histogram
  3,030  Using Matplotlib to plot over a subset of data
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  3,030  Median filter of masked arrays
  3,029  Running Python on GPU using numba
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  3,028  Linking numpy with homebrew
  3,027  Keep pandas structure with numpy/scikit functions
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  3,026  Replace slice of a numpy array with values from another array
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  3,025  Standard error in non-linear regression
  3,025  scipy LU factorization permutation matrix
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  3,021  Add separate colors for two (or more) specific values in color plot and color bar
  3,020  Why is faster than [email protected] although Numpy recommends [email protected]
  3,019  Python Minimising function with Nelder-Mead algorithm
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  3,014  Performing a sensitivity analysis with python
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  3,004  Conda downgrade numpy version
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  2,912  scipy.signal.spectrogram nfft parameter
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  2,907  After installing anaconda, python gives error ''no module named numpy''
  2,906  Thread error: can't start new thread
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  2,903 - pairwise correlations for with missing values?
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  2,038  Numpy array multiple condition boolean
  2,038  Is there some
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  2,028  python string replace conditional
  2,028  FloatingPointError: overflow encountered in double_scalars
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  1,873  py2exe File ''numpy\core\multiarray.pyc'', line 10, in __load ImportError: DLL load failed:
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  1,738 for packages that depend on both cython and f2py
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  1,614  I am getting error with
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  1,498 causing lag when called
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  1,397  ImportError: : Symbol not found: __PyErr_ReplaceException
  1,397  Efficient numpy / lapack routine for product of inverse and sparse matrix?
  1,396  What exactly is the `subs` argument of the `evalf` method of SymPy Expression for? Like `s.evalf(subs={ ... })`?
  1,396  What exactly is the `subs` argument of the `evalf` method of SymPy Expression for? Like `s.evalf(subs={ ... })`?
  1,396  remove pixel annotations in dicom image
  1,396  pandas extrapolation of polynomial
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  1,353  sklearn::TypeError: Wrong type for parameter `n_values`. Expected 'auto', int or array of ints, got <type 'numpy.ndarray'>
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  1,349  Array order in ``
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  1,347  Calculating Percentile scores for each element with respect to its column
  1,346  realtime statistical analysis
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  1,248  Setters and getters that act like lists/tuples
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  1,209  How can I take a dot product along a particular dimension in numpy?
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