Search, internal and external, needs helpΒΆ

NumPy docs search gets sold short both by Google and the internal search box.

Google search on ‘numpy’ returns:


The first hit doesn’t look like a useful page, and for a long time I didn’t see the NumPy Documentation link on the last line. The next hit seems to be the docs, but it’s an old version. Calling it up returns a page that says

"This doc is for an old release. The lastest documenation can be seen at"

which is a useful warning, but the link takes you to another old version:

"Heading for NumPy v1.18 Manual"

Internal search has problems too. I’d seen a Numpy basics page and wanted to return to it:

"Page titled 'Numpy basics'"

When I search for “numpy basics,” it’s not there:

"Long list not including 'numpy basics'"

I wasn’t surprised to see complaints about both types of search in the SciPy survey. I could investigate how search can be improved – or the fixes might be left to an expert and I’d just open an issue. But repairing search shouldn’t be neglected.